Olivia Jaymes Author

Bitter Justice- Cowboy Justice Association Book 12
Sheriff Tanner Marks is restless. He doesn’t know why and it’s becoming a real problem. His friends are telling him he’s having a midlife crisis, but frankly that sounds stupid. He doesn’t have time for that.

Maddie Shay Marks know that there is something going on with her husband but clearly he’s not ready to talk about it. That’s fine. She has her own issues to deal with. Her daughter is growing up way too fast and she simply needs for life to slow down. Just a little.

When their life takes an unexpected turn, Tanner and Maddie decide to get away on a second honeymoon somewhere warm and tropical. They can reconnect and hopefully find that peace that they’re both looking for.  

But serenity isn’t in the cards. When one of their neighbors ends up dead, Tanner and Maddie find themselves working together to uncover the real killer.  

Before they’re the next victims…

Cowboy Command by Olivia Jaymes
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