Olivia Jaymes Author

Hollow Justice - Cowboy Justice Association Book 13

​Jared and Misty Monroe truly have it all – a lovely home, beautiful children, two rambunctious pets, plus good friends and devoted family. They know they’re incredibly lucky, and they never take a second for granted.

But when a letter shows up for Misty it throws her idyllic life into a tailspin. A man named Adam Reynolds says that he’s her father and that he wants to meet her. She’s not sure what to do, but she has to admit to more than a little curiosity. 

It’s during a weekend trip to visit Misty’s possible-father that everything goes horribly wrong. There’s a murder at the mansion and everyone – including Jared and Misty – are suspects. They soon realize that no one is safe when there’s an attempt on another family member. 

Can Jared keep Misty safe long enough to find a cold-blooded murderer, or will the killer pick them off…one by one?
Hollow Justice
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Hollow Justice