Olivia Jaymes Author

Cowboy Famous - Cowboy Justice Association
Book 4
Cowboy Famous by Olivia Jaymes

Sheriff Griffin Sawyer likes his town quiet and his life uncomplicated. Fishing – alone - on a serene and sunny afternoon is one of his favorite things to do. So is coming home to a place that isn’t littered with cosmetics, clothes, and panties. After growing up one of ten children, sharing his bathroom, his closet, or his thermostat is not high on his to-do list. Women have their place. Just not his place. 

Jazz Oliver wants to be a star. Unfortunately, Hollywood hasn’t been kind. The day she loses out on the part of a lifetime is also the day she gets fired from her crappy waitress job. Down and out and deep in debt, she’s desperate for money and a big break. It’s the only reason she’s allowed herself to be signed up as a contestant on a reality show in some backwater town in Montana. 

From their first meeting, the attraction simmers between the sheriff and the Hollywood starlet. Jazz knows Griffin needs his space, and he knows she will only be in town a short while. The one thing they both want? More of the hot, sultry nights they’ve been sharing. When they’re together their differences don’t seem to be any problem at all. 

But when casual, naughty fun turns into something more, Griffin is stumped as to what to do. Having spent most of his adult life keeping women at arm’s length, he doesn’t know how to get one to stay. He needs to find a way to convince her – and himself – that he’s finally ready to share everything. Even the remote control.

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