Olivia Jaymes Author

Imperfect Justice - Cowboy Justice Association Book 6           
Imperfect Justice by Olivia Jaymes

Born into a prominent ranching family and brought up in a disciplined household, Sheriff Jared Monroe has high standards of how to live his life and he doesn’t hesitate to hold the people around him to the same accountability.  

Misty Foster is a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Her mother slept her way through the men in town and everyone thinks Misty has followed in her mother’s footsteps. If they knew the truth they’d be more than shocked.  

One blustery, snowy night, Jared and Misty do something completely uncharacteristic—they threw caution to the wind and fanned the flames of their passion. Now there’s a third person to consider. An innocent baby is on the way and when Jared finds out, he instantly steps forward to do the right thing. Unfortunately, Misty doesn’t agree with his future plans.  

What’s a no nonsense sheriff to do now that he’s met his match?

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