Olivia Jaymes Author

Justice Reborn - Cowboy Justice Association 
Book 8
Justice Inked by Olivia Jaymes
​In one instant… 

Everything in Josie Carlton’s world changed. She’d been living a quiet, unremarkable life and now she’s on the run from bad guys who want her dead and police who want to put her behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit. She needs to find someplace she can lie low and figure out just what she’s going to do. 

A man figuring out life… 

Evan Davis has left law enforcement behind and is trying to find a new direction and purpose. In the meantime, he has a pile of work that needs to be done around his old, rundown family home. Hiring a secretive and obviously desperate girl straight off the bus doesn’t seem like a good idea but something in her pained eyes pulls at his heart. She needs someone to help her and it might as well be him. It’s only cleaning a house after all. 

Until it’s much more. Josie’s been told she can’t trust a single soul but Evan isn’t just anybody. The former US Marshal and small town sheriff isn’t a stranger to sticky situations but she hates to pull him back into the life he happily left. 

But if she wants to stay alive, she may not have a choice. 

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