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Veneful Justice by Olivia Jaymes
Vengeful Justice - Cowboy Justice Association 
Book 9
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Cowboy Command by Olivia Jaymes
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Cowboy Cool by Olivia Jaymes
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Blurb:  Vengeful Justice - Cowboy Justice Association - Book #9

​Cowboy Command was only the beginning… follow along as Olivia Jaymes revisits the first couple of the Cowboy Justice series.

Sheriff Seth Reilly and his beautiful wife Presley have a terrific life - two fantastic children, good friends, and lots and lots of love. Of course nothing worthwhile is ever easy and that’s true for them too. Between their busy careers and the needs of their family, it’s hard to find quality time together. More nights than not, there’s a toddler, a snoring dog, and at least two stuffed animals sleeping between them in bed. 

It’s all pretty boring and routine until the day Seth gets the news that a man he put behind bars has been paroled and is looking for revenge. Seth took what he most loved in the world and now the escapee is going to return the favor. For the second time in her life, someone wants Presley dead and this time the stakes are even higher. 

Because Presley isn’t just the woman Seth loves, she’s his whole world.
Justice Inked by Olivia Jaymes
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