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Road To Danger - Danger Incorporated
Book #8
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Blurb:  Road To Danger - Danger Incorporated - Book #8

​The date from hell…

Mallory Cook is on the worst blind date of her life. She and Carter Anderson have little in common and she can’t wait for the night to end. Sure, he’s gorgeous and sexy but clearly he knows it. A man with this much self-esteem isn’t someone she wants in her life. She might have been desperate enough to get fixed up with him once but she’s not desperate enough to do it twice. She’d rather spend the evening with Netflix.

Can’t end soon enough…

Carter has been out with many women in his lifetime but this one takes the cake. They have nothing to talk about and she hasn’t laughed at any of his jokes. It’s amazing how incredibly long one night can feel. He can’t wait to drop her off and then head straight to his favorite watering hole. 

But neither one of them is going to get their wish. When Carter pulls over at a rest stop to change a tire, Mallory heads to the ladies’ room to freshen up. That’s when the date really goes down hill. 

Because a mysterious bleeding man has just died in her arms… 
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Road To Danger by Olivia Jaymes