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Unwanted Danger - Danger Incorporated
Book #9
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Blurb:  Unwanted Danger - Danger Incorporated - Book #9

​Publisher's Note: This novella was originally released in Kindle Worlds under the title Discarded Heart.

His FBI career in ruins, Caleb Faulkner is back in his hometown of Applewood to lick his wounds and start again. Years ago, he’d left the little town for the excitement of Chicago and the chance to build a career. Unfortunately it also meant leaving behind Michaela Adams, the woman he loved and adored. 

Michaela gave up her chance at a lifetime with Caleb to stay and nurse her dying sister and care for her infant nephew. She doesn’t regret her decision but sometimes in the middle of the night she thinks about what might have been.

In a tiny hamlet like Applewood, they aren’t going to be able to avoid each other. When Caleb runs into Michaela it’s agonizingly awkward and more emotional than he’d expected. She wants nothing to do with him, which is probably for the best. After all, he doesn’t plan to stick around town for long. 

Funny how plans can change… Could these two lonely souls have a second chance at true love?
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