Olivia Jaymes Author

Danger In The Night - Danger Incorporated
Book 5     
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​Nothing is ever as it seems…

Wyatt Stone tries to talk his extremely attractive ex-sister-in-law out of buying a rundown haunted hotel but it doesn’t go at all as planned. Despite his misgivings, she turns the tables and he finds himself agreeing to help restore the money trap. 

Antonia Ross always thought Wyatt got a raw deal in his marriage to her sister, but she never thought about him in a romantic way. He might be handsome, sexy, and fun but she’s all about her career. Spending her days and evenings in close proximity isn’t going to change that. 

Except that it does. She’s never been afraid of ghosts and monsters but how she’s beginning to feel about Wyatt is truly terrifying. 

Hidden treasures are supposed to be valuable – not a dead body that has been stashed away for years. Shaken by what she’s seen, Antonia desperately wants the killer brought to justice. What will happen to their growing passion when she finds out Wyatt has a connection to the victim?
Danger In The Night by Olivia Jaymes