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Tempt Him  
ManTrap  Book #1
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​My name is Mia and I’ve been in love with Joshua Henry for as long as I can remember. Since the day he picked me up off the sidewalk after I fell off of my bike, I haven’t been able to see anyone but him.

Unfortunately, Josh sees me as the sweet girl from next door, not a romantic partner. I’m stuck in the friend zone and there isn’t an exit in sight. 

But now everything has changed. After a near death experience, I’m a different woman. The kind of female that doesn’t sit back and wait. I’m going after what I want, and what I want is Josh Henry. 

My sister Shelby – the psychological genius – has written a how-to manual to help me. It’s the perfect blueprint to make the perfect man fall in love with me.

I’m setting a man trap… and I’m doing it by the book. Care to join me?

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Tempt Him by Olivia Jaymes