Olivia Jaymes Author

​My name is Ashlyn Hill and I’m stuck in an elevator. With an incredibly handsome man. Just the kind of guy that I’m always saying that I wish I could meet. 

In any other circumstances I’d flirt and maybe give him my number but not tonight. I’m on an important mission. I have to stop a billionaire geek inventor from demolishing a block of historic homes for one of his metal and glass monstrosities. Cute-elevator guy will have to wait. 

My name is Kyle Lewis and I’m the guy in the elevator. My day certainly took a turn for the better when I got stuck with this gorgeous woman. I definitely need to get to know her better. There’s just one tiny problem…

I’m the evil guy who wants to mow down all of those old houses. She hates my guts. Winning her over isn’t going to be easy, but my parents didn’t raise a quitter.

Touch Him by Olivia Jaymes
Tempt Him by Olivia Jaymes
Entice Him by Olivia Jaymes
Tease Him  
ManTrap  Book #2
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Releasing January 7, 2019!