Olivia Jaymes Author

​Emerson Grant is practical, punctual, and incredibly efficient. Those qualities make her the perfect person to organize a fabulous wedding. She never gets caught up in the romance though. She’s got her feet on the ground at all times. 

Owen Campbell is known as Dr. Love. He owns the most successful dating site in the country. He believes there’s someone out there for everyone, but he has yet to meet his own match.

Thrown together at a destination wedding, these two can barely agree on the color of the sky. But something funny happened on the way to the rehearsal dinner… Owen got a glimpse of the real Emmy. The one she barely shows to strangers. Now he wants to get to know her a whole lot better.

And show the cynical wedding planner the magic of love.

Tease Him by Olivia Jaymes
Tempt Him by Olivia Jaymes
Entice Him by Olivia Jaymes
Touch Him  
ManTrap  Book #3
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Releasing March 12, 2019!