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Kiss Midnight Goodbye- Midnight Blue Beach
Book 3
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​​Secrets revealed…

Peyton Nelson travels to London to find the truth about her irresponsible late-husband and all of the lies he’s told through the years. Without a doubt, her family knows more than they’ve let on.

Dizzying passion…

Detective Ellis Hunter is a man on a mission. He’ll keep Peyton safe from the people who want to kill her no matter what it costs him. But the true danger is how they’re beginning to feel about one another. He might save her life but lose his heart.

Painful truth…

It’s the two of them against the powerful and secretive Evandria organization and only one side will be victorious. The lines between good and evil are blurred and Peyton and Ellis only know one thing for sure…trust no one but each other. 

Series description:
Three successful women. One devastating discovery. The truth must be found, but the search uncovers a destructive power struggle that goes far beyond their wildest dreams. The stakes have never been higher and it could cost them everything. Even their own lives. Welcome to Midnight Blue Beach.
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Wicked After Midnight by Olivia Jaymes
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