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Midnight of No Return- Midnight Blue Beach
Book 2
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Blurb: Midnight of No Return - Midnight Blue Beach - Book #2

​More secrets…

Willow Vaughn returns home to find out the truth about her hard drinking, womanizing late husband Alex and the secret society that he was a member of. Despite the danger hanging over her head, she needs to know the facts about his not-so-accidental death so she can move on. 

More desire…

Josh Coleman will do anything to protect Willow’s life, even give up his own. His feelings for the prickly widow aren’t making the job any easier though. She keeps pushing him away when all he wants to do is pull her closer. 

More discoveries…

With no one to depend on but each other, Willow and Josh must insinuate themselves into the mysterious Evandria, an organization shrouded in secrecy and rumors. What they find is a glittering and glamorous club for the rich and powerful but these beautiful people aren’t there for the play. Evandria is deadly serious. 

Series description:
Three successful women. One devastating discovery. The truth must be found, but the search uncovers a destructive power struggle that goes far beyond their wildest dreams. The stakes have never been higher and it could cost them everything. Even their own lives. Welcome to Midnight Blue Beach.

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