Olivia Jaymes Author

Military Moguls - Book 3
Caviar and Covert Ops by Olivia Jaymes
Caviar and Covert Ops by Olivia Jaymes

Women are only attracted to Dane Braxton because of his money and movie star looks. At least that’s what he thinks. He’s sure the single mother he’s secretly investigating isn’t any different. Females are all the same. 


Lily is a tired, overworked, and underappreciated single parent living paycheck to paycheck. It makes for a hard, lonely life but as long as her son is happy and healthy it’s worth the sacrifice. 

So when Lily meets handsome attorney Dane in the park, she falls head over heels for his intelligent wit and caring nature. He’s everything she’s wanted and more. 

Dane feels the same about Lily. She’s nothing like the other women he’s dated and he can’t wait to plan a future with her. 

There’s just the little matter of telling her who he really is… 

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