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Military Moguls - Book 4
Emeralds, Rubies and Camouflage by Olivia Jaymes
Emeralds, Rubies and Camoflage by Olivia Jaymes
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Myra Burke has lost her faith in men and love. When her ex-fiancé cleans out their bank account she needs a decent job to provide for her four year old daughter and she needs it yesterday.  

Holt Winslow has money, intelligence, and charm. He also has love to give but that isn’t an option anymore. Caught in a suicide bombing, he’s scarred inside and out. No one would want what he’s become.  

Against his better judgment, his matchmaking friends convince Holt to hire Myra as his personal assistant. When he finds out she’s down on her luck he simply can’t say no despite his instant attraction to the curvaceous redhead.  

Myra thinks her new boss is not only wonderful but sexy as hell. If she isn’t careful she could find herself head over heels for a man like him. Good thing she’s knows better. Billionaires don’t fall in love with their assistants.  

 Or do they? As each day passes their mutual attraction turns into a fiery passion that neither can ignore or deny. They’ll need all the courage they can find to take a chance on love…just one more time.