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What are Olivia's plans for the rest of 2016? Good question!

by Olivia Jaymes on 05/01/16

Wow!  It's been forever since I've posted on the blog.  Why?  I've been crazy with work but also had some nasty oral surgery done a few months ago and the recovery has been long and painful.  I'm finally feeling more like myself and I wanted to reach out and update y'all on what's going on...

First, let me just say a huge THANK YOU to everyone!  2015 was a super-duper amazing year and 2016 has been even better so far.  I want each and every one of you to know how thankful I am when people read my books.  I know I probably say it a lot but I am truly humbled and thrilled and that feeling has never gone away.  I'm truly living my dream and hey, you all are a part of it!  

Second, I'm working hard to make sure that there is no let down this year.  Evan's story Justice Reborn will be released in May and Wyatt's story for Danger Incorporated is scheduled for July.  After that, I'm hoping to finally finish off the Military Moguls series with Beck's story for September.  After that, things are more up in the air but I have a shiny, NEW series simmering that I hope you will love.  If things go well, I'm planning to have the first installment of the trilogy out in November.  Whew!  I'm exhausted just typing all that but excited about the stories and the characters.  

Now to the question that I have been asked several times lately...  Is the Cowboy Justice Association series over with Evan's book?  Yes and No.

Yes, in that the "single male" stories are done.  But, no, in the sense that some of the couples tell me that they have more to say.  I'm hoping to follow up with a few of the couples because we all know that hot romance doesn't end with "I do's."  

Military Moguls series will be complete with Beck's book.  There are no more planned in that series.

The Danger Incorporated series has several more books planned.  Shane's three brothers, Gigi's brother Zach, and maybe even Leann will get their stories.  

The new trilogy (which is really 2 trilogies for a total of 6 books) will be a little different in that the trilogies will be more closely tied together than my previous books but the heat level and the romantic suspense elements should be similar.  

Let's talk audio!  I've been slowly putting the Danger Incorporated series into audio and Amazon has Whispersync'd Damsel in Danger which means that if you bought the ebook version through them, you can get the audio version for only $1.99.  That's a great deal!  

That's it for now.  Hope everyone is doing well!
Live. Laugh. Love. Read.

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