Olivia Jaymes Author

Lethal Allure
Cowboy Justice Association - Serials and Stalkers #2
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After only one coffee date, Luke Brewster can tell that Shaw Parker is the kind of woman that he’d like to get to know better. She’s smart, funny, successful, and beautiful. She seems to like him too. But a smooth courtship isn’t in the cards for the couple.

There’s someone out there stalking her, getting closer and closer with each passing day. They have no idea who he is or what he’ll do. They only know that he’s fixated on Shaw. 

As the heat turns up on their romance, the stalker ups the ante and makes increasingly disturbing threats. Knowing that she’s in danger, Luke steps in, determined to keep the woman that he’s falling for safe. He’ll find out who is terrorizing Shaw and get them out of her life for good. 

He’d better do it fast though because the stalker is losing patience, waiting and watching for the perfect moment to make Shaw his…and his alone.
Lethal Allure