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Wild On The Red Carpet  
The Hollywood Showmance Chronicles  Book #3
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Tyler Gaylord is a world famous movie star and one of Hollywood’s most notorious playboys. He enjoys the company of beautiful, willing women as long as they don’t misunderstand the rules. There will be expensive gifts, champagne-soaked parties, and passion filled nights. But there will be no love or talk of forever. No offense to the lovely ladies, but he’s simply not a commitment type of guy.

Wilhemina “Billie” Oliver is a struggling actress who lives in Tyler’s guest cottage. She’s also his best friend and the only person he trusts to tell him the truth. She’d do anything for him and he’d do anything for her. No questions asked. The one thing she won’t let him do, however, is help her career. She’ll make it on her own or she won’t make it at all.

To win the role of his dreams Tyler needs to appear happily married. The director doesn’t believe that a serial womanizer can play a character deeply and passionately in love. So of course Tyler turns to his best friend Billie to help him out. They already spend all their time together so nothing will change but her last name.

It’s the perfect solution and it’s not like he asked her to help him bury a body or anything. So why is she being so difficult?
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