Olivia Jaymes Author

Love In The Spotlight  
The Hollywood Showmance Chronicles  Book #4
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It’s a simple request…

Sam's mother needs him to pretend to date a pretty kindergarten teacher named Riley who has been dumped by her jerk of a boyfriend. The one thing he cannot do is say no to his mom so of course he agrees. He’s on vacation after all and it’s only a few nights. He’ll make the other guy jealous and then head back home. 

But it has become way more complicated…

Sam discovers he really likes Riley. A whole hell of a lot. She’s the kind of woman he could get serious about. If he was the kind of guy who got serious. But he’s not. They’ll have one week of unforgettable romance and passion but in the end he’ll have to walk away. No matter how much he wants to stay.

Love In The Spotlight by Olivia Jaymes
Love In The Spotlight by Olivia Jaymes
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