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And The Winner Is  
The Hollywood Showmance Chronicles  Book #5
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Swinging On A Star by Olivia Jaymes

​Sierra Oliver’s flirting skills are virtually non-existent. Married young to her high school boyfriend, she hasn’t had much experience with men. Now single, she’s vowed to have some fun and do all of the things she’s missed. Falling in love and getting serious are not on the agenda. Casual relationships only.

When she meets a handsome and charming man in a bookstore it’s nothing more than a pleasant encounter. She never expects to see or speak to him again so it’s a surprise to find out that he’s the director on her new movie. Ryan Ward has a well-earned reputation as a ladies man, dating one beautiful actress after another. She’d do well to stay far away from him.

But the air crackles with electricity whenever Sierra and Ryan are in the same room. Her sister is encouraging her to go for it. Have a fun fling and then move on. No looking back. No hard feelings. Sierra is tempted but she has a feeling that Ryan is completely out of her league. A man like that is a sexy motorcycle while she’s still in training wheels…

Does she dare take a chance on the hottest director in Hollywood?

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And The Winner Is by Olivia Jaymes